CBD & Bone Health | The Importance Of Staying Active & At Your Peak
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CBD & Bone Health | The Importance Of Staying Active & At Your Peak

Staying active and being outside is great for both mental and physical health and it was found that even people who looked at pictures of nature experienced a significant boost in mood. Being outside can allow you to rest and recharge from the chaos of daily life and decreases stress significantly just by taking a 10-30 minute walk! The sun also emits vitamin D which boosts mood and has been proven to benefit depression!

Running and CBD have always been a match made for each other. Many long distance runners praise CBD for its anti-inflammatory benefits and pain relief for sore joints and muscles. While you do not need to run long distances to benefit from CBD, CBD is a great way to make sure that pain or sore limbs will never stop a work out and CBD helps improve bone density to minimize chances of any injuries during or after your workout! Running is also a great way to increase your heart rate, decrease chances of developing or worsening heart conditions and reach your personal fitness goals!

Inflammation is very common occurrence throughout all forms of physical activity, not exclusive to just running and can be also a chronic condition. Inflammation symptoms can vary from a sore muscle to a strain of the muscle, however CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and provide powerful antioxidants to help you feel your very best and complete your workout! CBD also protects against muscle detrition and helps your body maintain muscle that can sometimes be lost with added cardio or in times of stress. By implementing a CBD powdered drink you can reduce any inflammation or stress to your body in a tasty way during your workout or another great option for fitness recovery is taking high-quality CBD tincture before and/or after workouts!

CBD promotes bone growth and healing of stress fractures or prevention by stimulating the CB1 and CB2 receptors which are the two main receptors and CB1 is one of the main receptors in your nervous system. Backpain can be reduced with proper care of bones and by adding a CBD oil or CBD capsule to your daily wellness routine, you can strengthen and minimize the onset of chronic pain conditions, fragile bones and even osteoporosis without added symptoms!

Overall, CBD can improve your quality of life, whether you choose to implement CBD for strenuous workouts, or to minimize pain symptoms, there is a CBD option for you that will benefit your body, mind and quality of life!

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